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30th Anniversary of Coffee Goodness

At Caribbean Coffee Company, we believe that great coffee should be within everyone’s reach – that was our idea back in 1986, and it remains true to this day. Our mission has been from day one to include a helping hand and a happy face with every bean we sell. Our emphasis on teamwork and cooperative effort has created lasting relationships with our customers that are as uplifting and enjoyable as our coffee and teas.

For three decades Caribbean Coffee Company has been a producer of premium roasted coffee and tea and wholesaler of café equipment to restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, offices and other retailers. Founded and based in Santa Barbara, California, Caribbean Coffee Company has built a strong reputation among beverage retailers and consumers for delivering high quality products and specialized service and support.


Make-Generosity-Part-of-GrowthWe are committed to strong social and environmental values through ethical purchasing, and we provide coffees and teas that are Organic, Fair Trade™ and sustainable. Caribbean Coffee Company is also pleased to partner with and support those who are trying to make difference in this world.


Caribbean-Coffee-tapsWe have over 100 varietals and blends of both coffee and tea, and an encyclopedic knowledge on the set up and care of café equipment. Because of this, Caribbean Coffee Company has been the favorite brew of coffee and tea retailers all along the California Central Coast. Now we’re at the forefront of a new consciousness by pioneering our Craft Draft Coffee, brewed with a proprietary process that’s served on tap, tastes great and is eco-friendly.


Because we believe that Peace, Love & Profoundly Good Coffee is what makes the world go ‘round.