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Announcing our Bona Fide Craft Draft Alliance program

Send us your beans and we’ll send you back AwesomeSauce

Craft-Draft-pintAt the Bona Fide Craft Draft Brewery we understand the importance of working with other roasters as a team to help make the world a better place one pint of profoundly good coffee at a time.

Our Bona Fide Alliance Program allows roasters to focus on their craft while leaving the challenging aspects of brewing and kegging nitro coffee in our hands.

The best tasting NITRO Coffee Available!

Bona Fide Craft Draft Coffee and Tea in kegs

Our proprietary brewing and kegging process “tucks in”the coffee angels under a nitrogen blanket, preserving the volatile flavors and aromatics that Coffee and Tea aficionados LOVE!

A Sensible Solution

Are you struggling with your cold-brew program? Craft Draft Coffee is a sensible solution.

  • Stable 90+ day refrigerated shelf life
  • Choose 5.16 PET Recyclable kegs or Stainless Steel kegs*
  • Secure Sankey D fittings just like beer and wine
  • Growler program available
  • We ship everywhere

Bona Fide Alliance deal for Roasters – $395

Let’s be allies! Send us 2.5 lbs if your favorite beans, we’ll do basic R&D and ship you back a sample keg and a quote. Free technical guidance for our alliance partners!

Craft Draft Starter kit – $200

  • 1 Stout Faucet
  • 1 Nitrogen Regulator
  • 1 MicroMatic Sankey Coupler (individually priced at $70)

Do it with Scale!

  • Free shipping to most locations for orders of 40 kegs+
  • High volume, long term contract discounts available
  • Wholesale logistics and distribution services available
For more colorful details email or call us at 800.932.5282

*Deposit and return required