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Introducing Craft Draft Coffee

Our line of artisan, 100% Bona Fide fair trade organic certified coffees on tap!



When Caribbean Coffee Company decided to tackle the cold-brew coffee craze, we rethought it from the “grounds” up. We asked ourselves: What makes sense from a flavor perspective? For storage? For portability? For conscientious consumption that minimizes waste?

Say Hello to Coffee Goodness!

After several years in concept, and a few more in research and development, we present to you Bona Fide Craft Draft Coffee!

It is cold coffee, brewed with a highly specialized process and put up in Sankey D beer kegs, the safest containers for long-term storage and distribution. Rather than brew our coffee unattended and leave it ‘out-in-the-cold’ as cold-press coffee advocates propose, our Bona Fide Craft Draft brew logic is carefully designed to intelligently protect the coffee from corruption during every step of the brew process.

The result is impressive! Bona Fide Craft Draft tastes sweet, flavorful and refreshing. Once kegged, many of the delicate nuance flavors that coffee aficionados crave are still intact, protected by a blanket of pure nitrogen and awaiting release at the first tug of the tap-handle. This containment system is so dependable that we guarantee freshness for a minimum of 90 days when refrigerated at 41 F or lower. This allows us to meet or exceed minimum stability standards commonly accepted by the beer and beverage industry for keg beverages.

trike-craft-draft-300x233Served ‘on tap’ at your favorite coffee spot or taken home in reusable growlers from the grocery store, Craft Draft is a spectacle to behold as the nitrogen cascades from the bottom of the glass to the surface. The N2 bubbles bring forth the ‘crema’ or ‘head’, which contain sugars and the smooth essence of the brew. Take a sip and let your palate be elated! Enjoy it best straight-off-of-the-tap, without sweeteners, creamers and without ice!  We think you might just fall in love with this amazing beverage!

craft-draft-growlerCurrently offered in 5 Fair Trade Organic (FTO) Coffees and one FTO Black Tea:

  • Peru Sol Y Cafe: A smooth, caramel, whipped cream start, followed by notes of cookies and pecan pie witha classic medium roast coffee finish. This beautiful coffee is wet processed and sun dried.

    It is produced by farmers of Sol y Cafe Cooperative, in the provinces of San Ignacio and Cajamarca (Northern Peru) at elevations between 3500 – 6000 meters.

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  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: An array of floral notes yield to a wonderfully bright aroma. Syrupy mouth feel with expansive breadth of toasted coconut balanced with high citrus notes and a pleasing roundness of body. Craft Draft Yirgacheffe is unusually complex, slightly delicate, sweet and elegant in its finish.

    This coffee is named after the town located about 1,900 meters above sea level in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. It is considered by many to be the place where coffee first originated. More importantly it is some of the finest coffee available from that region.

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  • Guatemala Quetzaltenago: Creamy yet slightly herbal, cilantro start that gives way to flavors of toasted tortillas and cocoa. As the cream from the nitrogen clears the glass, cold Quetzaltenango releases subtle notes of roasted nuts and just a hint of lime. This coffee has a medium body, powerful acidity, smooth honey presence and mouthfeel, with a nice fruity finish.

    Quetzaltenango is in the western highlands of Guatemala. The coffee is farmed at an elevation of 3300 – 4800 ft on the seismically active volcanic slopes.

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  • Hair Raiser: Deep-toned aroma with a tightly-knit complexity: cedar, flowers, pineapple, vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate. The nitrogen adds a creamy start that softens the richly round and bittersweet peeks. This black-hole-dark brew yields an impressive, smokey character with a tickle of pineapple. Sweet, expansive finish reveals a hint chocolate and fruit notes.

    Hair Raiser Craft Draft Coffee is our signature super-dark-roasted blend. Blended from coffee sourced from Sumatra, Congo and Ethiopia, it shouts out verve and attitude!

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  • Mexico Oaxaca Water Process Decaf: Pungent, floral, earthy aroma with sweet, mild acidity and robust body. The smooth creamy start begins with tropical nuts and nougat that give way to dried fruits and chocolate. It has a gentle and pleasing finish. You wont believe it is decaf!

    This Craft Draft is a water processed decaf coffee that is sourced from family owned farms located in the Mixteca and Sierra Norte regions in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. This fully washed coffee is sun-dried and harvested from shade grown farms that are typically 5 – 10 acres in size.

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  • India Iyerpadi Estate – Black Tea: A crisp, Imperial classic tea flavor, delivered on a creamy cloud of nitrogen, with a rugged finish. Grown in Tamil Nadu in Southwest India.

    This black Indian tea is smooth and satisfying, yet sturdy and stimulating.

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We’re excited for you to try Craft Draft Coffee and Tea. We believe that once you do, it will change your coffee expectations forever.

Where to find? This interactive map tells you where you can find Craft Draft Coffee to taste, buy or refill your growler!

Craft Draft Re-fill Stations

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